Dan Brockington

Dan Brockington has been writing on conservation and displacement, and celebrity influences on both environmentalism and development, since the 1990s. Much of Dan‘s work and writing can be found online at the following sites:
Environmentalism and conservation
Celebrity and Development

I am fortunate to count Dan as a good friend. As I disclose in an engagement with his work that currently is in press with the journal Conservation and Society:
‘I have known Brockington for many years. In the 1990s we went through the
rite of passage of writing anthropology PhDs alongside each other. We shared via letters written from one side of Africa to another some of the beautiful, humorous and rather more sobering experiences of conducting long-term field research in what for us were remote locations in rural Africa. We survived the writing of our theses in the even more extreme environment of our ‘office’ in the windowless sub-sub-basement of the Anthropology Dept. of University College London. We have each experienced attempts by conservation organizations to censor work of ours that highlighted displacement issues. And since then we have written and worked collaboratively…’ (from Sullivan, S. in press ‘Conservation is sexy! What makes this so, and what does this make? An engagement with Celebrity and the Environment. Conservation and Society. Download here).

With Jim Igoe, Dan and I have collaborated recently with several others to create the facebook site ‘Just Conservation‘. This seeks to act as an independent pubic space where issues and concerns regarding human rights in conservation practice can be shared and discussed relatively freely.

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