Intersections Seminar on ‘Making nature investable’, University of Toronto

I’m looking forward to giving this talk on Friday at the University of Toronto’s Geography Dept. I’ll be drawing especially on the following new publications:

Sullivan, S. 2017 On ‘natural capital’, ‘fairy-tales’ and ideology. Invited Review Essay, Development and Change 48(2): 397-423.

Sullivan, S. 2017 Making nature investable: from legibility to leverageability in fabricating ‘nature’ as ‘natural capital’. Science and Technology Studies.

Sullivan, S. and Hannis, M. 2017 ‘Mathematics maybe, but not money’: on balance sheets, numbers and nature in ecological accounting. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal 30(7): 1459-1480

Sullivan, S. 2018 Nature 3.0: will blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies save the planet? Entitle Blog, 1st Feb.



Friday, March 9, 2018 | 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Sian Sullivan  

Sidney Smith Hall – SS5017A (map)

Making nature investable? Considering some outcomes of coupling ‘nature’ with ‘capital’

The contemporary moment of global ecological crisis is also a moment wherein ‘nature’ is being named and framed as ‘natural capital’. The term ‘natural capital’ is a potent metaphorical device asserting that one multiplicitous category, namely ‘nature’, can be known through invoking another multiplicitous category, namely ‘capital’. This paper considers some implications of coupling these two complex categories, focusing in particular on the financing and development of conserved natures as capital assets.
Sian Sullivan is an environmental anthropologist working at the intersections between culture, nature and finance, with the objective of supporting just and equitable environmental policies. Since 1992, and through a longstanding collaboration with the Namibian NGO Save the Rhino Trust, she has conducted ethnographic and ecological research in north-west…

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