Professor Sian Sullivan and the Future Pasts AHRC Project invited to blog about their research on the AHRC Heritage Priority Area Platform


The large AHRCCare for the Future research project Future Pasts: Sustainabilities and Cultural Landscapes in West Namibia , led by Professor Sian Sullivan, has been invited to provide the latest blog on the prestigious  AHRC Heritage Priority Area webite.

The post, which outlines the Future Pasts project, including the international team, research aims, and outputs, begins thus;

“The contemporary global environmental moment is saturated with reports of crisis and loss. Apocalytic fears abound, as the accelerating ecological alterations of the Anthropocene move us beyond known collective human experience.

This apparent rush towards eco-catastrophe, however, is also a vibrant ecocultural milieu, populated with creative responses and diverse sustainability solutions. Dominant neoliberal ‘sustainable development’ formulations, given new impetus as the ‘Green Economy’, embrace the modern linear time of progress to propose sustainability modernisations built on current economic structures. Apparent rapprochements between economic growth trajectories and perceived environmental crisis, however, can disempower indigenous…

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