Movement Medicine Music ~ sets from Sian

I have found that I love playing music for people to move to. On this page I share some of the music sets I have played at various Movement Medicine events and workshops, and with great gratitude for the musicians who have created such varied and stunning soundscapes. These sets open quietly and calmly, build steadily to faster rhythms for more movement, and then land gently into a slower pace for cooling down. They are created with the intention of supporting a danced engagement and journey, and designed as musical journeys to move body, heart, mind and spirit. The Movement Medicine ‘principle’ here is that through freely exploring and experiencing our full range of body movement and feeling, we also open up psyche, mind and spirit to greater possibility.

There are two ways of being able to listen to these sets:
1. click on them to stream them directly. This requires a fast internet connection otherwise they keep stopping as they are streaming, which is not so good for supporting seamless dance movement!
2. or you can download them by right-clicking on the link and saving to your computer. Note that the download may take a while because the files are quite large.
Please also forgive me any glitches in the mixes or recordings ~ I am very much learning how to do this!

I am listing the musicians and tracks included as part of these sets here. Please support the musicians through buying, sharing and appreciating their music, and going to their gigs. And thank you to everyone who has shared music with me over the years.

Wishing you good moving…

‘community’ MM LD 2012, Sian

Journey of Empowerment 2011:

variations on the theme of a warmup for module 3
JOE mod3 solstice ~ xmas ~ new year weave from Sian 11-12

module 2 warmup JoE 2011 mod2 sian warmup2

Long Dance Ceremony 6th-12th July 2011
The Movement Medicine Summer Long Dance is an event that draws inspiration from the long dance ceremonies practised by indigenous cultures globally to provide a safe space for healing and the expression of gratitude for life on earth. It is a 48 hour ceremony held by a specific form developed over the last three years that permits freedom of expression in celebration of and for all our relations. I have been part of all three long dances since 2009, and this year I also contributed to the ceremony as a DJ.
You can listen/dance to my two sets here:
Sian’s Saturday ‘self’ round, Summer Long Dance 2011
Sian’s Sunday ‘community’ round, Summer Long Dance 2011

For more on home dancing plus some great waves of music, check out Ecstasy Radio!

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