On the spirit(s) of oil

In the last few days, I have met Manari Ushigua of the Sápara people (‘Zapara’) of Pastaza Province in the … More

The aurora affect

It’s official. We live in a magical universe. I have always known this, somewhere. In my heart, in my belly, … More

Chess or Go?

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The environmentality of ‘Earth Incorporated’

The environmentality of ‘Earth Incorporated’: on contemporary primitive accumulation and the financialisation of environmental conservation Paper presented at the conference … More

A new ‘Imperial Ecology’?

‘Ecosystem service commodities’ – a new imperial ecology? Implications for animist immanent ecologies, with Deleuze and Guattari In New Formations: … More

On non-equilibrium and nomadism

On non-equilibrium and nomadism: knowledge, diversity and global modernity in drylands (and beyond …) forthcoming in Pimbert, M. (ed.) Reclaiming … More