I started this site in 2009 as a means of being able to share work of mine online. I have been researching and writing about human relationships with ‘other-than–human’ worlds, and how these are shaped by culture and political economy, for around twenty years. Some of this work is available here.

Comments and reality checks are always welcome. I can also be contacted at s.sullivan @ bathspa.ac.uk

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  1. Dear Sian

    I have now entered your blog to admire the remarkable work, knowledge, experiences, you have developed and now sharing with the wider community.

    TBG is hoping to act as the forum to develop the “transcultural” community . We totally share “THINKING, BEING AND ACTING GLOCALLY”.

    We look forward to invite you to share your insights with us and happy to reciprocate our own evolution with you.

    Kindest Regards

  2. Sian, I’m enjoying going through your blog… it has so many interesting things in it! I’m thinking of creating one as well and yours may be a great source of inspiration!

  3. Susan Chang says:

    Hi Sian,
    Thought you might be interested in a conversation that was sparked by your Earth Incorporated paper on the Capital Institute website:


    Susan Arterian Chang

  4. You are the number one authority on this subject. Congratulations. Please develop policy and behavioral solutions based on your insights and advance them. I will be happy to champion.


  5. Freddy Drabble says:

    HI Sian,
    I am following the recommendation of one of your ex-students Louise Carver.
    I am looking for someone knowledgable in indigenous trance dance to interview for our Podcast radio show “Totem” which will be available to download from our SoundCloud and promoted across our networks.
    The Artful Badger was born from our offering dance meditation workshops, and now 7 years later when we offer all kinds of things from mask making to full theatre shows i am proud to be launching a new series of radio shows, with the subject of Dance Meditation as the first. As part of a series of interviews of practicers of modern Dance meditation, i wanted to do one interview with an anthropologist looking at the history of Trance Dance, its widespread sources, it’s uses and it’s features. The main intention of this show is to ask “What is Dance meditation? and Why is it becoming so popular again?”

    I hope this is of interest and you fee qualified to chat about the world view as well as your African specialisation, and we can then schedule a Skype chat to discuss the possibility of an interview.

    Freddy Drabble

    Founding Director
    The Artful Badger

    Ita mobile 0039 338 374 4220
    Uk mobile 0044 7876442604

    • debojyoti das says:

      Dear Sian Sullivan,

      Thank you for sharing this mail. I am now in Yale University. I am pursuing a research funded by the Social Science Research Council (ssrc) on inter-Asia context and Connection. I am looking at how people remember flood and cyclone in South Asia through their art, paintings and short stories.

      With Regards

      Dr. Debojyoti Das

  6. debojyoti das says:

    Your blog is very vibrant and informative about your research work.

    Debojyoti Das

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